Xquisite Collection by Xquiscents Perfumes

Our Xquisite collection is a selection of feminine fragrances.  Timeless, glamorous and feminine, the Xquisite collection carries your dreams and fantasies on an odyssey of romance. As each fragrance reacts with your unique chemistry, admirers are captivated and charmed with rich but subtle undertones. Special fragrances complement the stages in your life, from flirty, fun and fabulous to the release of a shimmering spirit, thrilled to experience a new romance.

Each perfume created for the Xquisite collection contains intriguing blends of subtle scents blended to evoke romance. The lingering fragrances continue to develop, combining with your warmth to develop a unique personalized fragrance. Feminine florals add romance, blending with scintillating herbs and spices to create perfumes blended for romance today.

My Romance

young couple in love

Warm and sensuous as a summer evening, the feminine fragrance of My Romance that is intoxicating. Envelope yourself in a subtle breath of floral and delicate citrus tones from Xquisite Perfumes. Cherish the floral whisper of a tropical summer breeze with a celebration of the spirit as My Romance transports your soul on a journey of dreams.

Subtle as spring, sensuous as summer, lingering as autumn and deep as winter, a scent for all the specials seasons of your life. A soft yet enchanting fragrance featuring tender florals with a hint of fresh citrus that seduces the senses. Enticing and mesmerizing, My Romance captivates the emotions with a feminine appeal.





Temptation Sensations


Temptation Sensations is the fresh fragrance with citrus and floral tones, exciting, yet timeless and invigorating. An intoxicating combination of rich but subtle undertones combined with  citrus designed today from Xquiscents perfumes. An alluring scent to captivate and intrigue, Temptation Sensations.

Partly citrus, partly floral, Temptation Sensations wows the senses with its refreshing scent. It’s the new fragrance that’s today, worn by confident women who revel in its captivating charm. A breathtaking and brilliant scent that captures the essence of todays woman, with refreshing style and lingering notes. You deserve a fragrance that sparkles and reflects your inner self. Enjoy the fragrance designed for you today, Temptation Sensations


Love Again


Spark hidden inner passions when experiencing Love Again. The exquisite scent carries the notes and undertones of a soft sonata to stir the burning embers of your heart. The fragrance from Xquiscents perfumes seduces and scintillates the senses while illuminating your innermost desires. It’s the scent that ignites Love Again, with a new beau or an old flame.

A hypnotic mix of opulent notes and undertones convey the passion and experience of women as they reignite the exuberance of Love Again. Seductive fragrances combine to subtly attract, flaming an obsessive zest for passion and falling in Love Again.





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