Hot Looks from China | LOOKBOOK

SE7EN ❤ - Pure beauty
Meijia S - Ann Demeulemeester T Shirt Dress, Birkenstock - Boyfriend T-shirt dress
MAGIC  YANG - All Black
MANDY 、 - One Girls 交叉独特设计无袖雪纺背心, One Girls 复古立体不规则剪裁高腰半身裙 - 地铁玩
Melodies - 7.26
Ava Foo - Red-crowned crane
Liuluoxi - The white fairy skirt
CHEN - Larmoni 70s Cherry Prints Retro Dress - 70s Cherry Me
Meijia S - American Apparel Disco Skirt, Saint Laurent Bag - Sporty feel
Meijia S - Alexander Wang Silk Shirt, American Vintage Linen Top, Birkenstock - Black
Ava Foo - 【微博】AvaFoo  BE COOL, BE YOURSELF
CHEN - Larmoni Cardigan, Larmoni High Waisted Floral Skirt - More Floral Please
MIYA LIU - Shopfs Dresses - Relaxed~
Matina Yeh - 0722

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