You can win many things in life but you

You can win many things in life but you can’t win another life, so enjoy it.


Love at First Sight

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love at first sight

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She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do? As usual she’d been carried along with the flow of things, carried along by the longing to love someone, to hold them in her arms and care for them. To have them look in her eyes and see her own love mirrored back at her. She wanted so desperately to feel so completely loved that it consumed her insides, her waking thoughts, her whole being.
But she wasn’t sure.

It had all been arranged for her over the internet. She’d not met him yet and was not sure if she’d just fall in love with him on the spot or whether it would take a while, like a fire takes a while to catch and would then burn hot and strong. Was she dressed right? Did her apartment, in its sterile cleanliness, match…

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Juicy Couture | Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection |

The Juicy Couture Fashion Show Experience

Juicy Couture clothing truly does reflect a hip and stylish allure in all its designs. The clothing line commonly tries to evoke that California L.A. cool look, which is appealing to so women. With each and every new release, sports, casual, and lifestyle clothing does capture the somewhat theatrical fashionista flair of SoCal. The popularity of Juicy Couture clothing is so strong and the name brand has so many followers, its fashion shows are well attended. Those who do attend always have a lot of fun and leave with a great impression about the forthcoming releases from the brand.

What can you expect from a Juicy Couture fashion show?  At the very least, you are going to be entertained by what is on display on the runway. Likely, you might be very motivated to buy something from the new fashion line once it hits the stores.

What draws so many to a Juicy Couture fashion show is the tremendous variety of different clothing on parade. Recent shows that heralded the arrival of the spring fashion line featured everything from fashion wear for the gym to clothing fine for going about and about your business during the day. Variety is the trend at one of these shows and no sense of sameness hangs like a cloud at a Juicy Couture fashion show. Those in attendance can view various different items of apparel on display without ever getting the feeling they are seeing the same thing over and over again.

The stylish look of the apparel truly does make the event. Certain items have a certain uniqueness making them capable of truly turning heads. The leopard skin tracksuit for the gym definitely fits this description. Nothing is really all that over the top though. While there may be some esoteric looking items featured, Juicy Couture clothing fashion shows are not known for presenting obtuse and off the wall selections that make for fine entertainment, but not exactly anything someone in attendance will seriously think about purchasing.

That is not to say there aren’t some truly interesting selections on the runway.

At the Juicy Couture, you do get to see a range of the theatrical when in attendance as no fashion show would be enjoyable without a few items and accessories that stand out. The vast array of clothing on display is, however, intended for the average woman looking to buy something interesting to wear.

You might see an outfit that has a New York edge to it now and then, but the vast majority of the fashion shows are always going to celebrate the glory of California. One recent event was dubbed ”Go West” and it remained a memorable one as it brought the west coast to the heart of the east coast in the form of Manhattan. Shows such as these give east coast attendees a chance to check out fashions for skater girls, beach goers, and those who simply like to stand out on Sunset or Hollywood Blvd, which is not always an easy task.

Other shows offer variations on California themes and all the shows present something truly special. Taking in a Juicy Couture fashion show truly can be unforgettable. No surprise here. The clothes released by the line usually are unforgettable as well.